We are an organization that fosters education, communication, and cooperation between Hellenic Canadians and other ethnic groups, and promotes the development of just and equitable policies and legislation concerning all citizens. The Congress encourages and promotes the retention and development of Hellenism in British Columbia within the multicultural context of Canada.

Over the years, the Hellenic Canadian Congress has achieved its goals by establishing, promoting, and organizing a number of educational, cultural, social, and political projects and activities. The B.C. Congress is a member of the national Canadian Hellenic Congress which is an umbrella organization representing in Canada and the 350,000 Greeks across Canada and a participatory member of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE).

The Congress was established under the Canada Corporations Act and is continued under the authority of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.



On November 27, 2018, the Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC hosted an Annual General Meeting and elections for the years 2019-2020. The elected members are:

Apollo Catevatis
Nick Panos
Tom Ikonomou
Despina Frangolias
Gianna Gillales
Stavros Nicolinas
Anna Diamantopoulos
Mike Kontogeorgiou
Elissa Roussanidis
Dimitri Vavlekas
Peter Vlassopoulos
Vangelis Catevatis
Rania Hantzioannou
Maria Katsanikakis
Peter Capadouca
Kostas Nikolaou
Perry Askounis
George Diamantopoulos

On December 5, 2018, the elected board members of the Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC had their first meeting and elected the executive positions. Listed below are the positions and elected members.

President: George Diamantopoulos
Vice President: Stavros Nicolinas
Secretary General: Gianna Gillales
Deputy Secretary General: Elissa Roussanidis
Treasurer: Tom Ikonomou
Public Relations: Despina Frangolias
Finance: Tom Ikonomou (Treasurer)
Membership: Gianna Gillales (Secretary General)
Policy & Planning: Despina Frangolias


Our Board Members 2016 – 2018

President: Apollo Catevatis

Vice President: Mathew Bakatsis

Second Vice President: Stavros Nicolinas

Secretary-General: Elizabeth Contarini

Deputy Secretary-General: Jason Dascal

Treasurer: Rania Hatzioannou

Deputy Treasurer: Dimitris Vavlekas

Public Relations Committee Chair: Nick Panos

Finance Committee Chair: Rania Hatzioannou

Membership Committee Chair: Elizabeth Kontarinis

Policy and Planning Committee Chair: Daisy Frangolias

All Board Memebers

Apollo Catevatis, Christos Papagiannis, Dimitris Vavlekas, Daisy Frangolias
Effie Kerasiotis, Elizabeth Contarini, George Diamantopoulos
George Tsoukalas, Iraklis Kallergis, Jason Dascal, John Kapernekas
Kostas Giannopoulos, Kostas Nikolaou, Marinos Anagnostopoulos
Mathew Bakatsis, Michael Kontogeorgiou, Mike Georgeopoulos
Nick Panos, Perry Askounis, Peter Capadouca
Rania Hatzioannou, Stavros Nicolinas
Tony Ziskos