Some Activities of the Congress

History of the Hellenic Canadian Congress of British Columbia

The Hellenic Canadian Congress of B.C. is an association of Greek organizations and communities representing Canadians of Hellenic heritage in the province of B.C. to various levels of government. It fosters education, communication, and cooperation between Hellenic Canadians and other ethnic groups, and promotes the development of just and equitable policies and legislation concerning all citizens. The Congress encourages and promotes the retention and development of Hellenism in B.C. within the multicultural context of Canada.

Over the years, the Congress has achieved its goals by establishing, promoting, and organizing a number of educational, cultural, social, and political projects and activities. The B.C. Congress is a member of the national Canadian Hellenic Congress which is an umbrella organization representing in Canada and the 350,000 Greeks across Canada and a participatory member of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE).